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Pruning is the most popular way to maintain a tree. While only natural plantings make forest trees grow quite well, landscape trees need more care in order to preserve their structural integrity and esthetic quality. Pruning must be carried out with tree biology knowledge. Improper pruning may cause long-term harm or even reduce the life of the tree. But Tree Pruning West Palm Beach is a trusted company for that need.

Pruning is necessary

The potential of each cut is to alter the tree’s development, no branch should be removed without reason. Taking out dead branches, improving shape, and reducing danger are common grounds for pruning. Trees may also be cut into the inner or under the landscape to improve the penetration of light and air. Mature trees are usually treated as corrective or preventive measures because routine dilution does not necessarily improve tree health.

Don’t top trees!

Topping may be the most damaging practice known for tree pruning. However, despite over 25 years of literature and seminars, the topping continues a prevalent practice.

Topping means cutting tree branches indiscriminately into stubs or lateral branches not big enough to assume the final position. Other topping names include “heading,” “typing,” “hat-racking” and “top-up.”

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Pruning Young Trees Services

In creating a powerful structure and desired shape of a tree, proper pruning is crucial. Trees with suitable interventions for pruning while young will need less corrective pruning as they mature.

While the tree is young it should establish a solid framework of main branches. The limbs, known as scaffold branches, are the frame of a mature tree. A powerful structure will grow that needs less remedial spruce when well-educated, young trees. For most young trees, a dominant leader continues to grow up.

When to prune

Most of our routine cuttings can be carried out at any moment of the year with little impact on the tree to take fragile, diseased, or dead branches off. Growth and wound closure is normally maximized when pruning occurs before flush spring growth.

A few pathogens (disease-causeant agents) may be transmitted in treated injuries, such as oak wilt. During active transmission periods, susceptible trees should not be pruned.

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