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Stump Removal West Palm Beach provides a complete tree stump removal service when hiring us. Get that ancient tree off your estate with the recent machinery and for good.

Our stump removal West Palm Beach service is available in two kinds, one for manual removal and the other for grinding.


Grinding is less expensive because it is not as labor-intensive as manual removal, but depends on the use of equipment to grind to the stump until its dusts. The method of breaking down a tree foundation is the stump molding method. The method utilizes special machinery to tear away one of the most powerful components of mother nature-the tree stump-a wonder of force and density that supports a heavy tree.

Dangers Of Leaving A Stump Behind

If someone walks around your lawn, leaving a stump behind may be a potential hazard. If you mow the grass, stumps are loud and dangerous and a left-hind stump can become a nightmare of wooden fungi and half-hearted replenishment, not to mention an open stump.

The Roots Of The Stump Could Kill Your Property Aesthetic

The majority of stumps have living roots that spread across the ground horizontally. It could harm your landscape if it is not removed or left unattended. In addition, a fresh tree development from the roots could occur in your building at an incorrect place. The fresh tree’s development could put your main reason for cutting the tree down, and more cash could be spent to remove its roots.

Do not allow tree stumps to make your exterior look unattractive or to remove it as quickly as possible, call the specialists at Sesmas Tree Service.

Manuel Stump Removal

Manuel stump removal is more costly as they are more labor-intensive and require more time to fulfill. Costs may vary depending on soil quality and the difficulty of the process, but this method is more costly than grinding.

Our Equipment Is The Best

Stump Removal Palm Beach is equipped with very powerful motors and super powerful teeth so that the stump is grinding rapidly regardless of size. The device also penetrates the earth during this phase to remove roots that can swell over the years in service.

They Attract Pests

The stump starts a slow decaying process soon after the tree is cut down, which could attract and eventually harbor plagues such as termites or carpenter ants. The plagues that infest the stump can propagate into your house or other crops.

Beetles and other species of insects are known to attract declining stumps; they may be attacked and destructed if other trees are in your estate.

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